Sunday, 29 November 2009

Latest News - 29th November 2009

Lots of new stuff this week including a new range of brass turned gun barrels for aircraft. We used to sell Adlers Nest barrels which were fantastic quality but were expensive and only designed for armour. This new range covers a wide range of aircraft and is reasonably priced. Some nice cannons, pitot tubes etc.

This week's new releases can be seen Here

Here is the new Eduard Bf109E profipack (EDK3002 - £41.99) and the appropriate Master barrels (MR32002 - £4.99) for it.

I have reworked the New Arrivals page so that you can go straight from the list and buy something. This has worked well for those who have used it so far. However, it relies on there being a single list of new arrivals. What this means is that last week's news now also points to this week's list. Over this coming week, we will be changing the software that controls this so that each week's new arrivals is retained so that you can go back through the history and pick up items from previous blog posts. I hope that this makes sense.

Lastly, we are expecting to start sending out news e-mails to those that have signed up for them. We haven't done this before but it does mean that those who don't see the blog still get the news.

Have a good week.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Latest Releases up to 21st November 2009

This is the first of a weekly series of posts that will show what new kits are available. There are, of course, a large list of decals, etched brass, etc. that gets released each week but it would be too long a list to post them each week. If you want the full list of all new releases please e-mail us at

This week's new releases can be seen Here

The exciting news this week is of the first Techmod injection moulded kit of a Friedrichshafen FF-33E flying boat in 1/48th at £27.70. This is very nicely moulded with superb instructions

For the Armour modeller, we now have stocks of the new Lion Roar Zimmerit kits.
LT0016 (£13.49) comprises the handle with one wheel and one punch, whilst LT0017 (£11.49) adds four different pattern wheels and 4 more punches. Althouygh mainly for 1/35th scale, there is one wheel in LT0017 that is suitable for 1/48th models. If you want the extra wheel set, please note that ther is no handle provided - you must but LT0016 first - sorry.

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Welcome to the new SBX Models Blog. Having had great success with my personal modelling blogs I have decided that we need an active blog for SBX Model Shop.

There are three main reasons for this blog:
  1. To let you know of new arrivals and interesting items in stock
  2. To let you know of any specials, etc. that we have
  3. Hints and tips when using some of the interesting tools and materials that we stock.
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