Thursday, 24 May 2012

Great News!

We have recently upgraded our web site to enable us to offer vouchers for special offers on line.

Make sure that you have our e-mails 'white listed' by your Spam filter because, shortly,
we will begin sending regular e-mails with special offers on our web site.
These offers will be for short terms onlyand will require that you enter a voucher code to get them.

Make sure you save our e-mails to keep the voucher codes to hand.

These special offers will also be posted here and onto our Twitter feed.

Please note that if you prefer to call us, you can give us the code over the telephone.

All of our special offers will have time constraints so be sure that you take note of the validity.

Wide range of products
Our computer system is connected directly to our two main suppliers systems and, thus, we are able
to offer the widest range of products. If we don't have it in stock, then we get deliveries nearly every
day of the week so we can obtain it very quickly. All of the products of our main suppliers are listed
on our web site and current availability is now displayed along with the item details as well as in your

You can, of course, order out of stock and future delivery items as our computerised ordering system
will make sure that these are shipped to you as soon as they come into stock. Please note that we do
not charge your card for these items until we actually ship them. As a policy, if you order these items
and pay by Paypal, we will issue a refund and contact you when the item becomes available and
request payment at that time.