Saturday, 17 April 2010

Update for 17th April

Well, getting back to normal took longer than we thought. Only now are we beginning to see deliveries come through as before. However, once we have completed our software updates, you should see improved shipping information with every item. It will take about another 7 days but we will tell you when it happens.

IWATA Airbrushes
We thought it my be time to remind you that we are fully authorised Iwata agents and are able to ship worldwide. Our expreience in using these airbrushes for all forms of modelling is extensive and we are always willing to advise on the perfect choice, be it the £35 Prem-Air airbrush (included here because it is manufactured by the UK Iwata Importer) of the top of the range Iwata items.
 Iwata Revolution TR0 - £169.69 (List Price £186.99)
Remember that you are always going to get a good deal on Iwata - currently, the deal is 10% discount on all Airbrushes and Compressors saving you around £15 - £18 on the HP-CH or the very popular Revolution Trigger airbrushes (shown here). One happy customer today saved £47 on a TR0/Smart Jet Compressor Combo.
Now this is unusual

We had a delivery this week that included a few Fujimi F7U-3 Cutlass kits in 1/72nd - see it here. Now I haven't made a Cutlass since I was about 15 so this brought back memories. At £12.99 it is an excellent kit of an unusual aircraft.

New Arrivals
Playing catch-up this week after missing last week. Check out the full list HERE

My blog continues to amuse and inform. Check out the latest entries HERE

Sunday, 4 April 2010

New Arrivals and other News

Firstly, let us apologise for the lack of news over the last couple of weeks. One of our main suppliers has been re-working their web site and this has resulted in them not keeping their new arrivals up to date. Also, the changes to their web site required a change to our software which has taken some time to implement. However, our forthcoming software release will provide better information when searching and give you an accurate shipping date on most of the items we list.

Some Special New Arrivals
Airfix has launched their HMS Illustrious Gift Set. This is a very impressive set comprising an accurate 1:350th scale through deck carrier plus all the paints and glue that is required to complete the job. It is priced at £49.99 and seems to be worth every penny. Please note that due to the size of the box, we will not be able to ship this item outside of the UK for free. If you are interested in purchasing it and live overseas, please contact us for a delivery quotation. Click on the image to see the item

Testors Limited Editions
We have seem a list of new kits arrive from testors. We have yet to open a box so cannot comment on the quality but will be doing so if the next few days so 'watch this space!'

We now have stocks of their new 1:72nd scale RV4693 Hawker Fury which looks like being very popular.

Bad news regarding postage.
The Royal Mail has recently increased their postal charges and this is making our free delivery service very expensive for us. Due to the way that the Royal Mail charges for post, sending anything that is under £6 in price is now very costly against the cost of the kit. hence, we have had to start charging £2 for any sale that totals £6 or under. This charge is mentioned when your basket is below the minimum and the postal charge is added at the final check out. Please consider purchasing another item to take you over the the £6 limit as this will represent much better value for you.

Full New Arrivals List

As usual, you can see all of the new arrivals on the web site by clicking HERE