Saturday, 30 January 2010

New Arrivals and News - 30th January

The update of this blog seems to have stuttered but hopefully we can get back to a regular weekly posting from now on.

Two big announcements on new arrivals this week.

Hasegawa has launched a Limited Edition Westland Sea King AEW.2 in 1/48th Scale. It includes new resin search water radar, radome, tail rotor with 6 blades, tail beam, float parts and soft metal antenna parts etc . Decals for 849 Squadron Royal Navy. This is strictly a limited edition and we expect to sell out very quickly even at £49.99!

The first Two Bobs Buckeye came and went in about 4 days so we don't know how long we will have the next item.
This is the second of the Buckeyes - T-2C Buckeye 75th Anniversary of Naval Aviation. - £44.49. If you want a really great 1/48th Buckeye - don't hesitate

For the full list of New Arrivals go - here!

Some news about Paypal

We are planning to cease taking payments by Paypal in the near future. We have thought long and hard about this but have found that we have an issue with its use as a payment method. Although it is very convenient in that you don't have to enter your card details everytime you pay, it does mean that we are taking money from you before we have shipped. Now, as you know, we try to be as efficient as we can in shipping items but sometimes we run out of stock or an item is unexpectedly discontinued. We then find that we have charged you for something that we cannot supply. We always try to get a quick refund back to you but it cannot always be done efficiently. We much prefer charging your card once we have the parcel wrapped and ready to go.

When we make the change, we shall also be upgrading our system to allow you to re-use the card details held. so, you should not have to enter your card every time you shop.

Update E-Mails
Any of you that have shopped using our Web Site will know that we ask you if you wish to receive e-mails from us containing news, updates and special offers. To date, we have never sent an e-mail but we are shortly to start doing so. We are planning to put some 'spectacular' special offers in the first few so if you haven't signed up for the service, send an e-mail to and we will add you to the list.

That's all for now. Don't forget David's modelling blog at Gentle Scale Modelling Blog and keep in touch with all his modelling disasters!

SBX Internet Team