Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Expected Arrivals

Although we cannot predict many items arriving, we have it on good authority that the following is an accurate list. Please note that the Sea Vixen is listed as a Limited Edition so it would be wise to pre-order one now.

Personally, I can't wait for the 1/72nd Dora - at 1.3 metres long, this is an absolute beast!

As usual, we will remind you that, so long as you do not pay by Paypal, you will not be charged until we ship. If you do pay by Paypal, please be aware that Paypal charge your card immediately you confirm the sale.

Click on the product code to go through to the web site to pre-order each item.

AX03085    Airfix    Hawk T1    1:72    £7.99
AX04050    Airfix    Harrier GR9    1:72    £10.99
AX05121    Airfix    Hawk T1    1:48    £13.99
AX05172    Airfix    Vostok 1    1:48    £13.99
AX06172    Airfix    Saturn 1B    1:144    £18.99
AX08107    Airfix    Westland Lynx Navy HAMA8 Super Lynx    1:48    £19.99
AX08108    Airfix    Westland Lynx Army AH1-7    1:48    £19.99
AX11001    Airfix    Vickers Valiant    1:72    £34.99
AX11002    Airfix    H S Sea Vixen - LTD EDT    1:72    £34.99
AX50010    Airfix    Sea Harrier FRS 1 Gift Set    1:24    £79.99
HB80347    Hobbyboss    A-7K Corsair II    1:48    £27.99
HB80399    Hobbyboss    PLAAF JJ-5    1:48    £15.99
HB82461    Hobbyboss    German Land Wasser Schlepper II - Prototype    1:35    £25.99
HB82464    Hobbyboss    ZTZ 96A MBT    1:35    £26.99
HB82911    Hobbyboss    German 80cm K(E) railway gun Dora    1:72    £139.99
HB83201    Hobbyboss    IL-2 Ground Attack Aircraft    1:32    £59.99
HB83509    Hobbyboss    HMS Astute    1:350    £10.00
HB85501    Hobbyboss    152mm ShkH DANA vz.77    1:35    £39.99
All with the usal FREE Delivery Wold Wide!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Fantastic Paint Offer

We are having a bit of a clearout with paints so we are making you an offer you shouldn't be able to refuse.

If you buy 5 or more Vallejo or LifeColor paints from our web site or on the phone (+44 (0)1473 785327), we will add in a further 5 paints of your choice, FREE of charge!

Check out the website for more details or call us on the above number.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hobby Boss at 1/3 discount!

For as long as the stocks last, we have a long list of Hobby Boss kits that are available at 1/3 off the normal retail price.

Click here for our Specials Page

We have plans to extend this to other manufacturers over the next few days so keep checking the web site.

Monday, 1 November 2010


Nothing exciting - just news about us

SBX Model Shop
This was our shop in the Norwich Road, Ipswich. We have finally decided to close the shop down and concentrate on Mail Order and Internet business. All model shops depend upon the 'hoarder' to a certain extent. Given the huge range of kits available, it is pretty impossibole, unless you have huge premises or a deep pocket, to cover much of the available range of kits - let alone all the ancilliary items such as paints, glues etc. Hence, the bulk of shop sales come from people buying for 'the loft monster'. This means that they are only really interested in new releases, which is easy to manage. However, following the 'credit crunch' this business disappeared and people were only buying kits that they wanted. With the attendant drop in casual sales, we found that we were trying hard to justify keeping the shop open for paints and glues.

We are now set up for a faster turnaround of orders - either telephoned or through the web site. It will also mean that we have more time to concentrate on the web site. We intend to develop a range of special offers that will make dealing with SBX a better and more satisfying experience.

Call us on our new telephone number - 01473 785327 - or through the web site at www.sbxmodels.co.uk.

Web Site security
There has been a lot going around about credit card security when dealing with on-line shops so we thought is was a good time to tell you about our arrangements.

Firstly, when adding your credit card to your details on our web site, the whole process is protected by a secure link between your browser and our server. It has never been know for this procedure to be compromised.

Secondly, we then encrypt your credit card using high quality encryption methods so that what is stored on our system is unrecognisable as a credit card number.

Next, we have set our networks up so that the server that stores our user information is not connected to the internet making it impossible for hackers to reach the data - even if they could get through the firewall.

Lastly, we do NOT process any credit cards electronically. All card payments are processed at the time that we ship the goods and are processed through a credit card terminal provided by HSBC Merchant Services.

We believe that this ensures that your card details - plus any other personal information that we store - is kept as secure as is possible. You can deal with us over the internet in complete confidence.