Monday, 13 December 2010

Free Vallejo, Lifecolor and Xtracrylix paints

Extra Special Paint Offer - How it works

If you purchase 5 or more Vallejo, LifeColor or Xtracrylix paints, we will add in 5 more pots free. Buy your paints and then add a further 5 to the list. Your basket will show the total value of the order including the 5 free ones. Your confirmation e-mail will show the same total. When we process and ship your order we will adjust the credit card charge accordingly. If you paid by Paypal, we will refund the difference when we ship.
You cannot mix and match manufacturers.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of shipping paint overseas, we have had to reduce the number of free pots to 3 when shipping outside of the UK so if you do not live in the UK, please ensure that you only add 3 pots to your order.

Your Savings

5 Vallejo paints are worth £9.25. 
3 Vallejo paints are worth £5.55.
5 Lifecolor paints are worth £11.25. 
3 Lifecolor paints are worth £6.90.  
5 Xtracrylix paints are worth £9.95.
3 Xtracrylix paints are worth £5.97.

Please note that we no longer have full stocks of Lifecolor paints - we only have those shades shown on our web site.