Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Summer Madness offers


5% Off - Everything (except Iwata - see below)

We have a special promotion running until 31st August 2010. Everything on the web site is reduced by at least 5%. The price is shown against each item is the reduced price. Amazingly, our FREE Delivery worldwide is also applicable, so we must be the best value around if you live outside the UK. Please note that we still have to charge £2.00 delivery on any total purchase of £6.00 or under - because of the heavy cost of shipping small items through the Royal Mail.

15% off Iwata
If you thought that 5% was a good offer, with Free Delivery,
then this must be the best offer ever!


15% of everything Iwata - that is Airbrushes, Compressors and all spares.

We already give a discount when you buy an Airbrush and Compressor together and the 15% is in addition to that.

Iwata Eclipse CS Airbrush - list price £129.99 - Our price £110.50.
Iwata Sprint Jet Compressor - list price £190.00 - Our price £161.50
Total for both items = £272.00
Purchase them both together as a 'combo' - Our price £254.99 against a list price for both items purchased separately of £319.99

This is in addition to our Free Worldwide delivery - however, please note that if you do order a Compressor and live outside of the UK, we may have to adjust the cost because of the very expensive shipping costs imposed by the main carriers on heavy items. This extra charge will not normally exceed £30. Please contact us before ordering to get an exact quotation.


We are having a bit of a clear out so we have a nice list of special offers on kits and some accessories.

Check out our Specials Page with 1/3 off everything listed - Yup, that's right - 1/3 OFF!

Please note that there is generally only one of each item so when they are gone - they are GONE!

Lastly - Web Site Upgrades - again

We have done a lot more work on the web site and hopefully you are finding it easier to use and navigate.

Paypal - The biggest change is that we have gone back to accepting Paypal for payments. We stopped this some time ago because we weren't too happy about having you pay before we have shipped the item, given that sometimes, even when we think we can ship it, we find that there is no stock. However, we have done a lot of work in updating the
projected shipping date of everything on the web site and we now give you a very clear indication if an item is not going to ship in 2 - 3 days, which is our normal target.

When you look at your basket, the system checks the current stock availability of every item you have added. It not only checks our stock but also that of our wholesalers. If you do see an Out of Stock or Future Release indicator then you can either keep the item in the basket and we will ship as soon as we can, or you can delete it.

Remember, though, that if you pay by credit card, we do NOT debit your card until we are about to ship. However, with Paypal, they charge your card immediately and pass the payment to us so please bear that in mind if you do purchase Out of Stock or Future Release items.

We are working on improving our systems so in the next few weeks we will be updating the e-mail contact system and thus should be giving you an e-mail within 2 weeks of your order reminding you of Out of Stock and Future Releases. You can, of course, cancel any outstanding order just by e-mailing us.

New Arrivals, Blogs and Twitter
Every week we update the site for all the newly released items. This is available from the New Arrivals link on the home page.

We also update the Shop Blog with comments, ideas, hints and tips. The blog is here.

Twitter is a bit of a mystery to us but we have recently started to Tweet(!) news to our Twitter page.

Lastly, don't forget David's increasingly popular modelling Blog. Follow his mistakes, errors and successes at Gentle Scale Modelling

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