Monday, 24 January 2011

MIG Pigments at half price

We have added a whole list of MIG Pigments to our EBay Shop - all at half price of course.

This adds to the existing list of Vallejo, MIG and AK Interactive items already there.

Keep checking every day because we have a long list of items still to go on to the shop.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

One offer ends and another begins at 50% off!

We have stopped the offer on paints - mainly because we now have our paint stock where we wanted it to be, taking in to account the fact that people are no longer browsing the paints in the shop. Sorry if you missed out but we shipped hundreds of bottles in the time the offer was on.

50% OFF!
Yup - that's right - a genuine half price offer. There is always a catch in an offer like this - and the catch with this one is that it is only available on EBay! Sorry but it would be too much programming to change our web site to manage this.

Go to our EBay shop. There you will find a large number of items all available at 50% off - admittedly, you have to pay postage but... The list includes the following:
Vallejo Airbrush cleaner, Thinners, Pigments, Varnishes and Primers
MIG Pigments, Washes, Abtielung Oils, etc.
Super Glues and Accelerators - Vital and Roket
AK Interactive washes
Plus Model Lead Wire
Lion Roar Brass Wire
and so on.

Not everything is there at the moment but the list will grow over the coming days so keep a watch on it.
As we are clearing out existing stock, some items will disappear when they are sold out so we can only advise you to be quick!