Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New Arrivals and News - 8th February 2010

Well, we have a blockbuster this week. Xtrakit's release of a 1/72 Supermarine Swift FR.5 has had a tremendous impact. It looks to be a very nice kit and extremely cleanly moulded. It is probably moulded by Sword, which means no alignment pins but apart from that, this should be a good one. Plus the nice clean 50's camo. One of our shop regulars pointed out that the aircarft on the box has two (yes 2) squadron markings on it. It appears to be that the remnants of 4 Squadron merged with 79 Squadron hence the 4/79 label and both Squadron's markings on the aircraft. At £17.99, these are flying out the door so I guess the first delivery won't last long - memories of the Supermarine Scimitar some months back.

The second kit is the new Academy Admiral Graf Spee. Limited Edition which includes a wooden deck, photo-etch, brass gun barrels, nameplate and brass chain. At £79.99 it's not cheap but it looks like being quite special.

For the full list of New Arrivals go - here!

News of the Web Site. There have been two major changes to the web site.
1. We have now removed the Paypal option from the site for the reasons we explained last week. We are unhappy to be taking money for items before we ship the goods. This is especially important now that we are listing more future releases.
2. We have amended the Credit Card process. If there is a credit card on your file, you are reminded of this with a reference to the last four digits of the card number. If you wish to use this card, then you can and the sale completes. If you wish to change the card, just click on the new card button and enter the new details. If you currently have a valid credit card on file with us, this is much faster than the Paypal process. Just to remind you, we have an encoding process that we use on all credit card numbers that renders them unusable until we decode them. This means you can give us your card without worries.

Changes to come on the site.
For some time, we have been looking at giving you the option of looking at your current outstanding orders. We have an advanced ordering system built into our software that works closely with our suppliers' web sites. We shall be adding a new login option for existing users which will enable you to see your orders and the current state of availability. This will take a week or so to arrive but we are sure that you will find it helpful.

Don't forget David's modelling blog at http://www.gsmblog.co.uk where he is currently struggling with a 1/48th Monigram Catalina.

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