Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mig Jimenez Branches out - plus upcoming 1/32nd B-25!

AK Interactive
This is a new company formed by Fernando Vallejo and Mig Jiminez that is building up a range of weathering materials plus books and DVDs. This is the current list.

AKBOOK1  Book - Diorama Addicted 74 Pages £19.99
AKDVD01 DVD Washes, Filters and Oils £14.99
AK00011 White Spirit £4.75
AK00012 Streaking Grime £4.75
AK00013 Rust Streaks £4.75
AK00014 Winter Streaking Grime £4.75
AK00015 Dust Effects £4.75
AK00016 Fresh Mud £4.75
AK00017 Earth Effects £4.75

The book was so good that the first copy we had in the shop sold within 5 minutes of being on display. If the DVD is as good as the recently released Vallejo DVD on Acrylic finishes then it ought to be superb! The weathering materials are all enamel based and the DVD covers how to use these to their best effect, in depth.

We are so sure that these will be very wanted that we are helping the launch with three of special offers.
Offer 1 - A full set of AK filters (all 7 bottles - retail £33.35) £29.00 with free delivery
Offer 2 - Offer 1 plus the DVD (retail £$58.24) £53.00 with free delivery.
Offer 3 - Offer 2 + the Book (total retail price £78.23) £70.00 with free delivery.

1/32nd B-25!
We are expecting deliveries of the fantastic new injection moulded Wingscale 1:32nd B-25 Mitchell kits  for December release AND MustHave! They also have a 1/32 Meteor F4 due at the same time.

IWATA Special Offers
Don't forget that our offer of 15% discount on all Iwata airbrushes and Compressors is still available. Tghis, of course, includes FREE Delivery Worldwide.

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