Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Exciting news about paint!

We have found a change in buying patterns since we closed our shop and concentrated purely on Mail Order and Internet sales. No-one comes in the shop any more to buy paint! Now, there is a surprise - smile.

This means that we are over-stocked on paint so over the next few weeks we are making a good effort to reduce the amount we are holding. We have also seen a change in the makes of paint that we are selling.

In the shop we used to sell a lot of Vallejo and Lifecolor whilst we are finding that the Internet sales are concentrated on Xtracolor enamels, Xtracrylix  and Tamiya acrylics. We did start to stock up on Testors Modelmaster enamels but found that these were not too popular. I am not sure why because the paint itself is first class and the range of authentic colours is wide and interesting. However, this does mean that we have decided not to stock the range and thus we have stock that we need to dispose off.

While stocks last, we have Modelmaster enamels available at just £1.00 per pot - reduced from £1.60. However, we are only offering those bottles we actually have. If we run out then we will not be restocking.

Get onto the web site quick and do a search under Manufacturers for Testors/Modelmaster and snap them up whilst you can.

Once we have cleared these out, we will be doing a similar exercise with the remaining Lifecolor and Vallejo stocks so keep coming back to the web site and the blog as often as you can. Better still, with the blog, add an RSS feed to your e-mail program and get told every time that we update the site.


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