Monday, 6 June 2011

More Paint Offers and Postage Changes

Vallejo Model Color Paints

It is with regret that we have to announce that we
shall no longer be stocking this make of acrylic paints.

We still have quite reasonable stocks which we are offering at a very
special price so that we can clear these quickly.

All of our current Model Color paints are listed on our web site and
are available at £1.40 per pot.

Given that Vallejo paints come in 17ml pots (Tamiya pots hold just 10ml
and cost £1.55) this price is extremely favourable. Please note that,
because paints are heavy against their cost, we cannot offer free
postage on this special deal. Every individual order that contains any
Vallejo Model Color paints will have £2.50 postage added.

This makes it a great incentive to order as many as possible in one go!

We have also listed the small quantity of Vallejo Game Color and Game
Inks that we have - at the same £1.40 per pot.

Go to SBX Models Web Site

One Click Purchasing!

When we added One Click to our system, we found a drop off in people payng
by Paypal. There seemed to have been a misunderstanding with people
reading this as us not taking Paypal any more.

You can, of course, still pay by Paypal - it is just that, for the
moment, you can't use one click to do so.

Secondly, please make very sure what is in your basket before you hit
One Click. Remember, One Click will place an order for your current
basket and the next thing you will see is an e-mail confirming.

Go to SBX Models Web Site
International Postage
We are very sorry but we have held off as long as we can in maintaining
Free Delivery for overseas destinations. Due to recent postage rises,
we can no longer do this.

As from the 17th June, there will be a postage charge of £2.50 added to
all sales to non-UK customers. This is still good value against our
competitors. Orders over £75.00 will still be free.

To make best use of our service and to reduce costs, we would recommend
that when you do make an purchase, you place everything you want into a
single order. That way you will only pay a single postage charge no
matter what the value.

New Arrivals,
Blogs and Twitter

Every week we update the site for all the newly released items. This is
available from the New Arrivals link on the home page .

Twitter is a bit of a mystery to us but we have recently started to
Tweet(!) news to our Twitter page .

Lastly, don't forget David's increasingly popular modelling Blog.
Follow his mistakes, errors and successes at Gentle Scale Modelling

That's all for now

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