Monday, 4 July 2011

New Airfix Deliveries

The Airfix Vickers Valiant Arrives!

The Valiant, first of the three V-bombers, beat its two stablemates in a number of ways. First to drop a nuclear bomb, first to go into action (against the Egyptian airfields in the Suez Crisis) but also first to leave service. The Valiant was a simpler design and less able to stand up to the change in role to low-level penetration (forced upon the V-force by the improvement of Soviet air defences) so had a short life, much of it spent as a tanker. Today, only one complete example survives. (Details courtesy of Thunder and Lightnings Web Site)

The Airfix Vickers Valiant - AX11001V - is a new moulding 1/72nd Scale kit and is available now at £39.99 with free delivery throughout the UK (Unfortunately, given the size of the box, we will have to add a £2.50 postage surcharge on all shipments to the EU and £5.00 on all shipments to the rest of the World - this is additional to our standard £2.50 postage to these areas). This will be added at shipping time (we will issue a Paypal invoice if you pay in that way).

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The Airfix Harrier GR.9 AX04050 also arrives!

This is a new tooling of the ever popular Harrier in 1/72nd and costs £12.99 with free delivery in the UK and just £2.50 postage everywhere else

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