Wednesday, 12 October 2011

IWATA are back - with 10% Discount

We have sold large numbers of these items over the last few years with no complaints and a huge amount of praise for their ease of use and maintenance.
For some time now we have not had these items available. We are pleasedto announce that we are now offering the complete range of Iwata
Airbrushes and Compressor all at 10% discount with our usual FREE
Delivery (within the UK).

The following are just a few items from the range.

Code Item


SBX price


Ninja Jet Compressor £125.00


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Smart Jet Pro Compressor £230.00


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Sprint Jet Compressor £190.00


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Revolution TR0 Trigger


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Hi-Line HP-CH Airbrush £205.00


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Eclipse CS Airbrush £137.00


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Neo CN Budget Airbrush £47.00


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The Neo-CN is a new item from Iwata. Although not made by them, it has
been built to Iwata standards. It was recently reviewed very favourably
in Scale Aviation Modeller.

Compressor - Airbrush Kits

We offer further discounts if you purchase a compressor with an
airbrush - some kits also include LifeColor paint sets etc. Please
contact us for more information - 01473 785327 or by e-mail

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