Thursday, 24 November 2011

NEW - Revell Monogram Releases

RVM5715 F-15 D/E Eagle £39.99 1:32 View at SBX Models

Contains 240 parts, highly detailed cockpit, ejection seats and landing
gear. equipped with optional weapons, gun pod, sidewinder missiles,
sparrow missiles or Mk-82 bombs and auxiliary fuel tanks, authentic
decal markings for the "Bold Tigers", 391 Fighter Squadron, Mountain
Home AFB, Idaho, host of the 2005 "Tiger Meet of the Americas" or
standard squadron markings for the 391 Fighter Squadron. Molded in
light grey and clear.

Length: 23 3/4''
Wingspan: 15 7/8''

RVM5714 B-1B Lancer £57.99 1:48 View at SBX Models

Contains 238 parts, detailed cockpit, main landing gear and nose radar
plus moveable swing wings and tail planes, optional open or closed bomb
bay doors with 16 AGM-69A SRAM, missiles on rotary launchers, authentic
decal markings for B-1B Lancer, 85-0080 (NO. 40) Lady of the Night,
28th Bombardment Wing, Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota and B-1B Lancer,
85-0090 (No. 50) Hellcat, 28th Bombardment Squadron 7th Bomb Wing, US
Air Combat Command Dyess AFB, Texas, moulded in light grey and clear
with rubber tyres.

Length: 36''
Wingspan: 33''

RVM5530 Heinkel He 111H-22 £21.99 1:48 View at SBX Models

Contains 125 parts, wing attachment pylon and Fieseler Fi 103 missile
(V-1 Buzz Bomb), three crew figures, detailed cockpit and landing gear,
optional decals are provided for two He 111H-22 aircraft, one in the
markings of 1./KG 53 and the second for 1./KG 3, Venlo, Netherlands,
moulded in light grey and clear.

Length: 13 5/8''
Wingspan: 18 1/4''

RVM3016 HMS Campbeltown British Destroyer £14.99 1:240 View at SBX Models

World War II,  28 March 1942 World War I destroyer HMS Campbeltown
attacked the dry docks of St. Nazaire, France which were used for
repairing the Tirpitz, a dreaded German battleship. HMS Cambeltown is
perhaps best known as the World War II version of the Trojan Horse
when, 9 hours after the attack, it inexplicably exploded killing
everyone aboard.

Contains 128 parts, moulded in light grey, detailed bridge, deck, four
stacks, antennas, life boats and depth charge racks, armament: four 4"
guns, one 3" gun and twelve 21" torpedo tubes and decals with authentic
World War II markings.

Length: 15 3/4''

RVM2080 1969 Ford Talladega £16.99 1:24 View at SBX Models

Contains realistic bodywork moulded in white polystyrene with
beautifully scribed surface details, opening hood, detailed high
performance 428 cu.inch V-8 racing engine, realistic suspension detail,
Rolling vinyl tyres with realistic tread, optional custom and stock
waterslide decals and Illustrated assembly guide.

Length: 8 1/2''
Width: 3 1/4''

RVM1564 MB 426 Street Hemi Engine (#84023) £29.99 1:6 View at SBX Models

Build a beautiful, exacting replica of the mighty 426 HEMI® with cast
metal and moulded polystyrene parts, pre-painted metal parts in
authentic factory colors, cast metal engine block, plated air cleaner
with tampo printed decals and rubber belts that connect all moving
parts. When you turn the starter, flywheel, alternator, fan and pulleys
all turn at the same time. Beautifully reproduced engine components
including alternator, distributor, carburettors and removable air
filter, plated fuel lines, black vinyl spark plugs and cables, moulded
display base, engine stand and Illustrated assembly guide. Contains
100+ parts.

Base Size: 5 7/8" x 4 3/4"

RVM1188 Space Shuttle £12.99 1:200 View at SBX Models

Snaptite Kit

Contains 27 parts, includes payload module and display stand, cargo bay
doors open, peel 'n stick decals and is moulded in white with a black

Length: 7 3/16''
Wingspan: 4 3/4'' 

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