Thursday, 7 June 2012

SBXJubilee Voucher applies to IWATA as well!

Just a reminder that we are
and are able to ship all Iwata products WORLDWIDE.

Our JUBILEE Voucher - 15% OFF - applies to Iwata as well as our range of kits and accessories.
Iwata PowerJet Lite Compressor - List £300 - SBX Jubilee Price £255
Iwata Eclipse CS Airbrush - List £145 - SBX Jubilee Price £123.25
Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH - List £215 - SBX Jubilee Price £182.75
There are even more discounts to be had if you purchase an Airbrush along
with a compressor - contact us with your requirements
(Please note: Shipping Compressors outside of the UK cannot be done within our Free delivery over £60.
If you live outside of the UK and would like to purchase an Iwata compressor contact us)

Go to the web site,  log in and take advantage of a huge offer.
Go into the basket and enter the following voucher code:


From then on, a 15% discount will be applied to every item that you put in your basket.

That's Right - 15% off EVERYTHING on the web site

Make sure you get onto this offer quickly as this offer expires at midnight on 10th June.
That gives you one whole week to take advantage of this fantastic offer

Terms and Conditions
Sorry but we need a few of these.

  • The voucher only applies to items described in the offer
  • You can only apply the voucher once during the validity period.
  • The voucher only applies to items currently shown as 'in stock'. Future Releases and Back Ordered items do not qualify.
  • The voucher must be used within the validity period - there can be no exceptions.
  • Any item included in the offer is only available 'while stocks last'
  • A voucher can not be used with any other offer
  • If an item is very popular, we may have to re-stock and thus delivery may be extended for a day or two - so please do not contact us regarding delivery unless at least 10 days have passed since your order.

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